Introduction to existing transgenic Hydra lines:

The tissue of adult Hydra is transparent allowing the visualization of individual cells by means of GFP fluorescence and facilitating in vivo tracking of cells within the intact organism.

We have successfully established a number of transgenic Hydra vulgaris (strain AEP) lines which stably express eGFP in either the endodermal or ectodermal epithelial stem cells or the interstitial cell lineage.

We offer to use published as well as not yet published lines for studying various aspects of development and differentiation.

Available transgenic Hydra lines:

  Endodermal epithelial cells


  Ectodermal epithelial cells


  Interstitial stem cells


Getting Started:

The investigator will need to contact the scientific supervisor of the Facility. This consultation will enable us to determine the specific needs of the investigator, and discuss conditions for using this service. Once this has been settled, the Facility will ship animals to the investigator.

Please contact Jörg Wittlieb (